Our first requirement for the Trekker and the most important was that the entire package (board, backpack, pump, paddle, and fins) would be the lightest on the market without giving up a full-size pump and a full-sized board. Just weighed the entire package and it comes in at only 21 lbs.!

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Hey friends, here’s the scoop on our new compact Trekker. This inflatable board is incredibly light at only 15 lbs. However, that’s only one part of the Trekker story. The entire package (board, backpack, pump, paddle, and fins) weighs in at only 21 lbs.! We believe our Trekker is the lightest inflatable package on the market and as any backpacker will tell you: weight is critical.

I’m giddy about how light the Trekker set up is, but just as happy about the fit of the backpack. The backpack (with everything loaded in it) is super comfortable and compact (less than 12”). We made sure the hip belt and shoulder straps were positioned in a way to avoid having the backpack dragging below one’s butt.

Another cool thing about the Trekker board is that it can be rolled or folded up a couple of different ways. The traditional way is rolled – which I like the best because everything, including a full-size pump, fits so nice in the skinny compact bag. However, for you adventurers that want to use your own backpack, the board can also be folded in half (along the length) and then folded or rolled up for a different compact shape to meet your needs. 

Next up (once the trails around here clear of snow) will be a review about how the Trekker board paddles and the sweet carbon fiber 3-piece paddle that comes with it.

Pat, Head of Product Development