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Stand on Liquid

Stand on Liquid San Juan Air 12'6" Inflatable Paddle Board Package


Holy double combo batman, the San Juan inflatable is fast and stable!  If just the shape of San Juan doesn’t make you salivate, the sweet goodness of the performance will.

The San Juan's new shape was engineered with a focus on finding the most efficient way to slice through the water and still maintain the stability that’s needed for the paddler that’s exerting full paddling strength.  Although raceable, the San Juan's focus is on the paddling enthusiast who's looking to maximize straight line glide without their board going "tippy." On your San Juan, you'll probably be looking back at all the other inflatable paddlers you left behind.  Good times.

The San Juan Air is lightweight and sleek, ideal for flat-water touring and fitness training. Featuring a displacement nose, a low rocker design, and a 30” width, the San Juan Air is a high-performance tour board, just right for the intermediate to advance paddler.

The San Juan comes with a tour shape fin that is specifically engineered for tour shape boards. The extended traction deck pad is made from a soft EVA foam.  Soft, but not mushy. The croc skin texture deck pad provides grippy traction, and yet is comfortable on your feet for longer paddles and jumping up and down in joy after you beat everyone across the lake (remember, winning still takes training).

Utilizing our Multi-Layer Fusion Lamination technology, the San Juan Air weighs just 21 pounds while remaining more durable and stiffer than traditional double layered PVC inflatable paddle boards. With our fusion lamination technology, the San Juan Air can be inflated up to 20 psi (but 15 psi is recommended and plenty).

The high-pressure single-cylinder hand-pump will fully inflate the board in about 10 minutes using the dual action feature. Once fully loaded, the backpack weighs about 31 lbs.

Your adventure is waiting.  Get out there!


  • Inflatable - tour shape
  • 12'6" x 30" x 6"
  • 21 lbs.
  • Single fin
  • Double-layer fusion construction
  • Soft Croc-skin textured EVA foam deck pad
  • 15 psi recommended


  • Inflatable paddleboard
  • Travel backpack with wheels
  • Double-action single-chambered HP pump
  • Travel 3-piece fiberglass adjustable paddle
  • 2L Dry Bag
  • Coil ankle leash
  • Patch kit and 8" fin

Our gratitude for your purchase. We hope you love your board.