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Stand on Liquid

Stand on Liquid Hudson Air 10'6" Inflatable Paddle Board


The 10’6 Hudson Air is one sweet inflatable board that checks all the boxes, especially for lighter adults, tweeners, and those who desire a bit of extra stability. The board combines all-around versatility with an impressive board lightness ... because that’s how we roll!

The Hudson Air is shaped for maneuverability is ideal for paddling flat water, lakes, rivers, and even catching some small surf. It also works well for a broad range of paddlers. While its cousin the Caspian Air has a higher volume (which gives it a higher weight capacity), the Hudson Air was engineered with the lighter paddler in mind. Its 10’6 length is easy to handle, and the board “settles” in the water nicely (doesn’t bob like a cork), which is important for lighter paddlers. Whatever your paddling environment, the board's extra width will give you confidence to wave to your friends as you happily glide by.

Utilizing our remarkably strong single-layer technology (high density structural PVC), the Hudson Air weighs in at just 19 pounds!  Yep, its light, but the Hudson Air is also incredibly durable, and it has the stiffness required for efficient glide and performance.

The extended traction deck pad is made from a soft EVA foam. Soft, but not mushy. The croc skin texture deck pad provides grippy traction, and yet is comfortable on your feet for longer paddles or when practicing your dance moves. 

The six-point bungee system gives you ample room to store your dry-bag, PFD, water bottle (reusable of course), flip-flops, and other essentials for the day. Remember to bring your sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.  Keep your epic day epic!

The Hudson Air and related accessories are easily stored in the included wheeled backpack for easy transport. The single-chambered high-pressure hand pump will fully inflate the board in about 10 minutes using the double-action feature. The included 3-piece fiberglass adjustable paddle disassembles for easy storage and travel. Once fully loaded, the backpack weighs only about 29 lbs.  

Your board, your adventure!


  • Inflatable - all around
  • 10'6" x 33" x 5"
  • 19 lbs.
  • 2 + 1 fin system
  • Single layer construction
  • Soft Croc-skin textured EVA foam deck pad
  • 15 psi recommended


  • Inflatable paddleboard
  • Travel backpack with wheels
  • Double-action single-chambered HP pump
  • Travel 3-piece fiberglass adjustable paddle
  • 2L Dry Bag
  • Coil ankle leash
  • Patch kit and 8" fin

Our gratitude for your purchase. We hope you love your board.