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Stand on Liquid

Stand on Liquid Bristol 12' Inflatable Paddle Board Package


Like its cousin, the Atlantic Air, the Bristol inflatable was designed for exploration. The twelve-footer offers robust gear storage and portage capabilities with fifteen tie-down points and three carrying handles. But the Bristol sets its own course with its tapered bow and slightly narrower waist (33”), adding efficiency to longer paddles. Stylish topo lines are complemented by vibrant rail and deck pad coloring.  It’s always fun to look good on the water!

The Bristol is the board to pick if you looking to load up a bunch of gear for a multi-day adventure or just a day paddle to a remote location or a secret beach. Pile on your camping gear, your cooler, and maybe your dog too. This board has the weight capacity to handle it – and the shape to get there fast.

The Bristol is super stable as well.  Although the Bristol is a bit narrower than our Atlantic inflatable, the Bristol doesn’t lose any stability thanks to its squared off tail and the long taper that holds wide to the tail.

The D-rings are not just for tying down your gear. The four middle D-rings can also be used for attaching a seat should you want to paddle kayak style.  Pretty cool to have that option.  We prefer the seat model we sell, but most other brands will work, as well.

The design goal for the Bristol was to have a board that was not only stable with a high weight capacity but also would encompass efficient straight-line tracking for those paddlers going the distance.  Our customers tell us mission accomplished.

The Bristol is constructed using Multi-Layer Fusion (MLF) technology, which is lighter, stronger, and 30% stiffer than the traditional double layered PVC technology. By fusing two layers of high-density structural PVC into a single structure with heat lamination, no glues or solvents are used, eliminating hand gluing errors, reducing board weight, and increasing rigidity. This approach is also more eco-friendly!

Your board, your adventure!


  • Inflatable - all around
  • 12'0" x 33" x 6"
  • 27 lbs.
  • 2 + 1 fin system
  • Double layer fusion construction
  • Soft Croc-skin textured EVA foam deck pad
  • 15 psi recommended


  • Inflatable paddleboard
  • Travel backpack with wheels
  • Double-action single-chambered HP pump
  • Travel 3-piece fiberglass adjustable paddle
  • 2L Dry Bag
  • Coil ankle leash
  • Patch kit and 8" fin

Our gratitude for your purchase. We hope you love your board.