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Mon. - Fri.: 10am to 6pm
Sat: 10am to 5pm
Sun: 10am to 3pm

Red Paddle Co.

Red Paddle Co Ride MSL 10'8" Inflatable Paddle Board


The Red Paddle Co Ride MSL 10'8" Inflatable Paddle Board is made for all-around kind of use on the water. It's a great option over the 10'6" Ride if you're a bigger rider or want to haul a passneger around such as a kid or dog. It handles great in all types of conditions and any paddler, of any skillset, will love paddling this board.

The Ride paddleboard is made with the quality and durability in mind while not sacrificing performance. At 10'8", it's a versatile length for all size paddlers and with a 34" width you'll be stable in all sorts of conditions and maintain stability even with a passenger on deck. It has all the same great features as the 9'8" and 10'6" but comes with 56 liters more of volume which creates a more stable ride. It’s also 4.7”/120mm thick, which means you get greater stiffness at lower pressure. The rounded tail makes the board really maneuverable when you get your weight back and can be a great way to have your first SUP surfing experience.

Red Paddle Co offers an embossed deck pad that features a diamond cut rear section that allows you to get maximum grip when standing on the rear of the board to make sharp turns and cuts in the waves. Included is an industry leading Titan pump that allows you to inflate the board in half the time thanks to the dual action pump feature built-in and even fits in the all-terrain backpack that comes with the board, so you can bring everything you need with you.

Red has also added a special screw thread that is compatible with RAM MOUNTS products. This screw thread allows you to securely attach a range of accessories, from GPS devices and cameras to fishing rods to cup holders and more.

- RSS rail stiffener system
- MSL fusion composite
- Cargo net

- Red Paddle Co Backpack
- Titan Pump
- Repair Kit
- RSS Battens
- Free Water Resistant Phone Case